Thursday, March 6, 2008

Mustache Truth Revealed In Poetry

A wonderful translation of Mustache Thievery by Sukumar Ray

This excellent poem from the facial-hair rich sub-continent now called India contains some of the truest line spoke by man:

They claim the mustache is mine--as though it’s something you can own!
The mustache owns the man, my friend--that’s how we all are known.


Anonymous said...

apropos of nothing, i offer this:

"Why do you wear a mustache?"
"In order to pass unobserved."
- Salvador Dali

Anonymous said...

I remember hearing on TV a historian talking about the history of the mustache within the British Empire. He was saying that the British came to appropriate the image of the mustache from the Indians during the earlier years of its imperialization, because within Indian culture a large, glorious mustache was a sign of verility. They wanted to be seen as the dominant presence, and so they made themselves mustached to convey a very masculine presence. Just another chapter in the long and complex history of mustaches.