Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Treasured Comment From A Treasured Commenter

If You've Only Got A Moustache
Stephen Foster (1864)

Oh! all of you poor single men,
Don't ever give up in despair,
For there's always a chance while there's life
To capture the hearts of the fair,
No matter what may be your age,
You always may cut a fine dash,
You will suit all the girls to a hair
If you've only got a moustache,
A moustache, a moustache,
If you've only got a moustache.

No matter for manners or style,
No matter for birth or for fame,
All these used to have something to do
With young ladies changing their name,
There's no reason now to despond,
Or go and do any thing rash,
For you'll do though you can't raise a cent,
If you'll only raise a moustache!
A moustache, a moustache,
If you'll only raise a moustache.

Your head may be thick as a block,
And empty as any foot-ball,
Oh! your eyes may be green as the grass
Your heart just as hard as a wall.
Yet take the advice that I give,
You'll soon gain affection and cash,
And will be all the rage with the girls,
If you'll only get a moustache,
A moustache, a moustache,
If you'll only get a moustache.

I once was in sorrow and tears
Because I was jilted you know,
So right down to the river
I ran To quickly dispose of my woe,
A good friend he gave me advice
And timely prevented the splash,
Now at home I've a wife and ten heirs,
And all through a handsome moustache,
A moustache, a moustache,
And all through a handsome moustache.

I'd like to thank Loyal Reader Caitlin GD Hopkins for bringing this delightful (and accurate!) song to my attention. The link also includes a MP3 of the song suitable for downloading. Sadly, the linked MP3 is not played on the traditional Jaw Harp and Concertina that Foster preferred.


Anonymous said...

you young whippersnappers and your new-fangled songs. still, it's quite a catchy ditty, i'll give you that!

Anonymous said...

passing on the stache love - here's a docu in the making about growing facial hair - http://anewidentity.net/drpl/node/157

Unknown said...

I have to note Mr Foster lacks even the slightest hint of a mustache and was unhappily married. To top it all off he died near penny-less. If he only could have grown a fine mustache how different things might have been.

Anonymous said...

kind sir -- happiest of new years to you and yours. i just saw this, and i knew i had to share:


astonishing! delightful!

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DiaFla said...
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DiaFla said...

I would like to dedicae this to someone, someday.... Very nice