Friday, October 1, 2010

The Twin Mustache

How rare it is to cultivate a fine mustache, but the cultivate two at the same time of the same high quality... Outstanding! 'Tis a pity that they cannot stand proudly side-by-side. The sitting twin lost his leg to a fearsome Alligator during a trip to Flo-rida. Will we ever tame that savage State?


Emmy said...

Tis a pity he had to lose a leg, but that's what happens when you stare at your mustache reflection on the surface of the alligator pond.

Anonymous said...

The polite thing for the other brother to do would be to sit down. Didn't mustache-wearers in the 19th Century have any manners?

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BakedPenguin said...

But what of the Monkeystache?

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crowleyiancanto said...

There's more 19th century mustaches here than I can shake a stick at...!

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SJCT said...

Obviously the standing twin is the dominant one. He forced the mustache on his younger, one-footed brother and then towers above him in every picture taken of the two of them.

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Rommel Fernandes said...

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VanityofVanities said...

Wow! Love this vintage photo. There seems a kindled spirit between them, not just the mustache that they both share, eh.

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Anonymous said...

Daddy dearest, i fell in love with two dead men. The power of the 'stache.

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Anonymous said...

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