Saturday, December 1, 2007

What's In A Name?


Originally a Norman French nickname derived from aux gernons "having a mustache."


B said...

It is therefore a peculiarly inappropriate name for a baby.

Unless, perhaps, some infants in Normandy are born with moustaches. Presumably these babies also emerge from the womb cradling a tiny glass of cognac in one hand, sucking on a Gitanes and complaining about labour reform.

"Aprés moi le placenta...."

Jonathan S. said...

Other popular mustache-friendly names that span the globe!

Germany - Schnurrbart
Japan - 髭
Russia - Усик
Spain - Bigote

B said...

One can only feel pity, that poor little Bigote's parents could not foresee their son introducing himself to English speakers.

"And these are my sisters, Natsi and Appartide..."