Saturday, July 7, 2007

The Straight and True

Not only has the handlebar mustache almost died out (there is but one prominent example on television outside of period dramas, and even his is often unkempt and untwisted), but the most impressive variation, the facespanner is nowhere to be found. This proud example is a straight and true as the man who wears it.


Peter said...

Interesting blog theme! I know your focus is 19th Century m(o)ustaches, but in speaking of the present you say handlebars are rare and face-spanners unknown. Not quite. Are you aware of the UK-based (but international) Handlebar Club, established 1947? To be a British member you have to have a handlebar moustache with “graspable extremities” but no beard; if you are American it’s the same deal but you may have a mustache without the “o”. They also have European members who have their own words for the thing, such as Schnurrbart.
Why not pop along to and have a look at the gallery. There’s also this TouTube video of British club members:

Pangenitor said...

I may not be a celeb sporting a fine set of bars, but at present when I wax up the straight and true it reaches 9" across.

great blog you have here, BTW

eda said...