Thursday, October 11, 2007

A Full-Body Lean

An aggressive lean, for a man so finely dressed.


Dan C said...

We can infer from his nonplussed and mildly pleading expression that this gentleman had been the victim of a leaning hoax.
Cad: "Please sir, if you will... I've been charged with the task of keeping this plinth upright."
Gent: "What of it, my good fellow?"
Cad: "Well, begging your pardon sir, my old mum's not long for this world - dropsy, you see. I must away to her bedside and bear witness to her last wishes."
The cad affects to wipe away a tear.
Gent: "Gird your loins, my man. Upon my life I'll keep this plinth from falling or I'm a Dutchman from the distant Netherlands."
Cad: "Gawd bless you sir."
The cad ups and aways on his toes to a vantage point.
Time passes... the Gent realises he's been had.

Gent: (sotto voce) "Knickers"

the scuz said...

quite interesting...but i come from the land of the mustache...where if u dont have one your not a man sort of mentality great a extent in the south of india atleast! and you have got to dig up the picture of a man so famous in india for more reasons than one! VEERAPPAN! he was a terriost of a weird kind but his mustache was wat made him most well known in the entire country!!!