Sunday, October 7, 2007

The Second Greatest Disappointment of the Modern Age

The death of the monocle signaled a sad passing of an age of elegance in men's single-lensed eyepieces. None of the newfangled devices for correcting the vision in only one eye can even compare.

This gentleman's closely trimmed sideburns results in a rakish 1:1 ratio, possibly even a scandalous negative ratio of 1:0.5. Shocking. In a more licentious age, I'm sure many a tipsy lady's ankle would have been exposed to him during a beach visit.


Jambamkin said...

What a cad! His parents would have disowed him to see their son with such a ratio.

Kaydria said...

You are the greatest man I have ever known. Or not known.

Anonymous said...

if I'm not mistaken, this is Sir Arthur Sullivan, composer and partner to (the also mustachioed) W.S. Gilbert. only a very fine pair of mustaches could inspire such quality operettas!