Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Deranged Mustache

Perhaps this gentleman was just accosted by a nefarious cutpurse. That would be a charitable explanation for odd and contradictory style seen in his mustache. The horrible asymmetry offends the senses. I debated long and hard whether to share this image with, my dear readers. I offer it now as an anti-example of fine mustachery.


(lord) franko said...

are you sure he's not just suffering from temporary handlebar weariness? i would think that sometimes even the professionals can be fooled...

J said...

M' Lord (Franko),

I thought that at first until I noticed that the left side of his mustache is not only untwisted, but to short to twist at all. And he has the heavy-lidded eyes of a opiumnist.

Your Faithful Servant,

Emile said...

Upon close inspection of the image, it almost looks as if the apparent overhand twist on the right half of this man's mustache is not actually mustache at all! Perhaps what we've taken for mustache asymmetry is in fact an optical illusion caused by a scar on his cheek, or an imperfection in the photographic medium.

sylvie d said...

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Jonathan S. said...

I am offended and take umbrage that you would even consider showing like-minded mustache aficionados this sort of image, this sort of man (if you can even call him that - the loathsome reprobate).

J said...


Many of the following pages have graphic and clear images of the masculine mustache in all its forms, both sublime and grotesque.

You were warned. Scholarly research cannot countenance censorial impulses.


Jam Bamkin said...

perhaps the poor lopsided gentleman has recently had an accident leaving his left hand unusable and thus unable to twist his handlebar up to the quality of the right hand side.

J said...

jam bankin,

Such an issue was addressed by the British Army after the devastation of the Battle of Isandlwana with the development of highly trained twister monkeys. A colleague of mine is in the process of creating a definitive work on the history of the twister monkeys, but it is far from complete.

Your Faithful Servant,

~*~ Caty-Lou ~*~ said...
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Mucksnipe said...

Are we face to face with Mr. Hyde in mid- metamorphosis?