Saturday, November 10, 2007

A Foolish Comment

I am loathe to poke cruel fun, but this comment was too misguided not to point out.

Forbidden Fantasy said...
i'm sorry for being the bearer of bad news but i'm here to say that i find this entire site quite humorous seeing as how it is devoted to a mass of hair growing above the lip that makes drinking anything from a cup quite a task.
November 2, 2007 12:58 PM

You, sir, know nothing of the fine arts of being a gentleman because no gentleman worth his wax would attempt to play host to a well-groomed mustache without possessing a mustache cup!

If any of my readers you like to obtain a mustache cup of your own, this fine retailer carries a number of styles.

Go Antiques


B said...

I would care to illuminate the publisher and his readers of a moustache-oriented charitable event: Xfm's Battle of the Breakfast Mo's ("Mo" being an antipodean contraction for "moustache" and not, I hasten to add, to be confused with its North American colloquial usage). As part of the festivities, our present month has been wittily re-christened: Movember.

[If this information duplicates the sense of a previous comment by a more "of-the-minute" respondent then the writer apologises, blaming a mild touch of the ague and the perils of the evening.]

I might further add that the modified ceramic teacup is rather delightful, and wish its vendor a success of Hutschenreutheran proportions.

Irrelephant said...

Oh that is incredibly wonderful! I find, after six months or so of careful growing and grooming of a fanciful upper lip decoration that I am forever blowing or knuckling it out of the way when dining or drinking. You, sir, have handed me my answer!

WildbillthePirate said...

I have seen metal moustache guards that clip to the side of the cup too! Don't know who makes then 'tho

WildbillthePirate said...

By the By: Do you have any recommendations for moustache maintance products, brands, etc...?

RLB said...

To Wild Bill the Pirate,

I am from Oklahoma and I have been growing a mustache for 6 or seven months. I figure I am on the 4 year plan, atleast. The best wax product I have found to date is one called "Cowboy Stache Wax" It is made in Montana, it is about $4 -$5 a for a 1 or 2 oz. tin. A lot of leather or saddle shops carry it. The best way I found was to heat it up with a hair drier, scoop some out on your index finger nail, apply it an work it into the stache via your middle finger and then heat up the wax in your stache and brush it an hold to the shape you want. This wax seems to hold all day no matter the heat and humidity. Reapply are tough though if you are out and about without a hair drier. You would need some darn hot water. But water can make it clump up if it is not hot enough. Anywho, there's my two cents.

Anonymous said...

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Blonde Ladies said...

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