Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Has This Become Odd Neckwear Week?

I've always tried not to harp on a gentleman's appearance in these pages,* but the neckwear anomalies seem to keep popping up. The untucked tie ruins his mustache pose almost entirely.

*Aficionados of such cruel fun usually haunt sites like Moustastic or I Don't Like Your Facial Hair In That Way (IDLYFHITW.)


Jonathan S. said...

No point in making fun of the chap for his appearance, however. It looks as though he's sock you in the eye and then call you a lily-livered ninny to boot.

(lord) franko said...

odds bodkins! one would think that a gentleman would be more careful when getting ready for such expensive portraiture. no need to look like a scruffy roustabout!

B said...

Absolutely dreadful. Another perfectly decent "soup-strainer" rendered unappreciable by a neckpiece that is neither fish nor fowl.

James A-S said...

On the contrary, Gentlemen, I feel that the neckwear is both deliberate and considered. As evidence I draw your attention to way the left side of the neckwear laps against the lapel of the jacket. More worrying is the fact that he has a piece of furry liver on his head.

eda said...