Saturday, December 29, 2007

John A. Logan

Mustaches of the Civil War (Ret.)


(lord) franko said...

as someone struggling with a long-ish moustache, i just have to ask: good LORD, how did this man EAT?? i am constantly getting food in my 'stache, or 'stache in my food, or both in my mouth... it's en embarrassing spectacle to live through, and probably even worse for those around me to watch. i'm considering either (gasp!) shaving off my moustache in 2008, or staying indoors and eating alone forever. how in the world did men from that era get so huge with moustaches so robust -- it boggles the mind.

B said...

Sen. Logan's moustache appears to be consuming his entire jaw. Could this be a subtle form of social commentary?; a trichosomic manifestation of the North overpowering the South?

I share The Rt Hon. Franko's astonishment at how a gentleman could safely and successfully pass comestibles around such an obstacle. However, and without wishing to appear unkind, judging by Sen. Logan's physique in the line engraving, it would appear that food certainly had no trouble finding his mouth.

reverend dick said...

This is a fine example of a moustache type that brings to mind the Ol' West for me. And it makes him appear sad. Doleful? As for the Ol' West, the "cut" of a man's hat speaks volumes about how he perceives himself- whether he/s a roper, bronc rider, Badman, grizzled prospector, sleazy banker with designs on your ranch and daughter, etc...can we assume the same in regard to facial hair? Pleas post to this.