Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Robert W. Chambers

An American writer most known for his horror fiction, especially the collection of short stories, The King In Yellow.

According to wikipedia, he received the rare honor of being insulted by The Dark Prince of Rhode Island:

H. P. Lovecraft said of him in a letter to Clark Ashton Smith,

"Chambers is like Rupert Hughes and a few other fallen Titans - equipped with the right brains and education but wholly out of the habit of using them."

At least he didn't call him squamous.


B said...

Good L-rd. I read "The King in Yellow" as an adolescent, and quite the phantasmagoria it was too. This dread talespinner's conservative, well-rendered moustache therefore takes me rather unawares.

(lord) franko said...

huzzah for a lovecraft reference! too bad HP didn't see the obvious benefits of having a well-groomed moustache.

Anonymous said...

I believe this dark and heavy mustache rather gives us a foreshadowing to the dark side in his writing.