Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Finally, Some Sanity In An Insane World

New York City police have been banned from all facial hair except for mustaches.

As wise man notes in the article:

"Appearance is so important in any kind of authoritative role," said Jim Curran, who was a cop in the 1960s and now teaches at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice. "Police officers should be clean. They should look nice. The Patrol Guide emphasizes that for a reason."

The best way to look nice? A mustache, of course!

It is sensible, though, to allow undercover officers to retain their various beards. They do mingle with outcasts and criminals of society and it would not do to look out-of-place.


Jonathan S. said...

And, as we all know, beard wearers are outcasts and criminals of society. Never trust a beardy. They're shifty and quite often cruel.

Halfang said...

It's a good measure but, alas, they should require a minimum of style (not modern of course) for the act of wearing the moustache. Not every man should be allowed to do so.

guru said...

Guru reported on a related incident in Texas where the police force has been taken to court by hairy police officers. A blatant case of facial harassment.

Mr.Moustache said...

I think police officers should represent the general public,if people have goatees,other kind of beards and whatever they like then why not police officers.
And alas,there were and are quite a few moustache wearers who were/are not particularly upstanding citizens(Hitler,Stalin,Dr.Crippen etc)