Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Indianapolis Bow-tie

From his lustfully low widow's peak to his jaunty bow-tie, everything about this gentleman indicates a willingness to let his bushy mustache live wild and free.


Jonathan S. said...

A little TOO wild and free, I'm afraid. His wife left him after catching him in a compromising position with a phrenologist's assistant.

WildbillthePirate said...

but, less than a year later, his dear Uncle Therman passed on, leaving him the family pickle factory that he sold to Heinz and retired to Montana, where he was elected Senator in a compromise decision. A Fne man with a fine 'stache!

J said...

Ah, yes... the phrenologist's assistant... that ultimate erotic imago of the Nineteenth Century man's lustious imaginings. The long, tapered fingers sliding under the hat band; the gentle touch of her cranial calipers... and, of course, the uniforms!

Inappropriate, like all good things that resolve from the fog of cognition in the mind's eye!

Your faithful servant,

Maj. Gen. Sassafras C. Babcoot, GCB, LVO said...

A wonderful specimen of Male Virility. I thouroughly congratulate the caretakers of the Fine Establishment that is "Mustaches of the Nineteenth Century". I also wish to propose that this Fine Establishment engages in a detailed debate concerning the Urgent Issue of limiting the suffrage to those who can demonstrate they can grow proper Facial Hair! It is due time, I say, and I have the entire Board of the Moustache Croquet Judges Association of my Club to back me on this!

Yours Sincerely,
Maj. Gen. Sassafras C. Babcoot, GCB, LVO

Joshua said...

Stephen Fry?