Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Our 200th Post!

While a fine mustache indeed, of greatest interest to hirsutologists lies in the fact that this might be the first photographic evidence of the "faux-hawk."

The interns note that his plaintive eyes long for a night of "clubbing." Though, why such a finely dressed man would want to spend all-night beating baby seals to death is beyond me. There are French-Canadians to do that sort of work!


Steve said...

congratulations, sir, on your landmark 200th post. I look forward to enjoying the next 200 spectacular mustaches.

Halfang said...

Congratulations on that milestone.

I hope to see another 200, if not more.

(lord) franko said...

felicitations on your bicentennial, good sir! i have no doubt that the naysayers are now weeping into their handkerchiefs over your continued success. here's to another 200!

also, even 19th century k-holes are a sad sight to behold. poor, poor lad.

Tom said...

Excellent site, my friend, here's to another 200!

Jonathan S. said...

Bully for you, you chirk huckleberry!

Maj. Gen. Sassafras C. Babcoot, GCB, LVO said...

Here's to the glory of the manly Moustache and to much hoped longevity for the Facilitators of this fine Compendium!


Maj. Gen. Sassafras C. Babcoot, GCB, LVO

WildbillthePirate said...

It was only Yesterday that we noted a blog of singular intelligence and decorum. Long live the 'stache!

Jonathan S. said...

Fine readers - if you're interested in more things stache, YesButNoButYes has an essay The Mystique of the Moustache; A Retrospective of Masculinity.

Norkio said...

In searching for an image of 19th century masculinity, this blog was returned by Google. What a fantastic and fun resource!

Lord Likely said...

Many congratulations on your 200th tache-tastic post.

May your mustaches grow ever luxuriant!

2pack O'Coors said...

Kind Sir,

I hope this finds you well and recovering from your recent bout of consumption.

This is the first time I have dared introduce myself here, though I have eagerly followed your noble endevor.

By way of introduction, I am somewhat of an avid dabbler in the graphical artes and have long fancied making a series of images dedicated to the mustache. I have produced a proto-type, and owing to my devotion to your web-log, it has taken on a decidedly 19th century flavor.

Before proceeding, I would very much like to obtain your blessing for my endeavor. Therefore I humbly request you to electronically telegraph me at at your convenience that I might further explain my intentions.

Thank you for your kind consideration,


Jonathan said...

Forsooth! That cheeky Faux Hair would not be out of place on the scalp of an East Atlanta Hipster.

What a Shame it is that the younger Generations spend more time on the Tops of their heads than their Upper Lips.

helldog said...

Congrads. A better use for the internet? I think not.

I wonder what the other bloke looks like.