Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Mustache Sufferer

Why is this fellow so disappointed? He has a lovely mustache and wife. Perhaps he is a sufferer of the dread neurasthenia. Too bad the unfortunately named Dr. Beard* is not around to diagnosis him.

*In regards to the image at the referred page: While I find myself disappointed that Dr. Beard does not possess a mustache, he is at least beardless, which befits his advanced education and medical acumen. His hearty Sideburns allude to a fine mustache that might have been. Now I seem to be filled with neurasthenia... Curse the ceaseless vicissitudes of Melancholia!


willow said...

Dr. Beard should have been called Dr. Sideburns.

Mortimer said...

Or Dr. Chops.

Emmy said...

It almost looks as though the one sideburn is large than the other; this rather makes me laugh.

Tom said...

Perhaps this unshakable melancholy was brought on by the terrible thought that while his lovely companion has entered the age of "color", he will forever be relegated to the annals of monochrome photography.

Jonathan S. said...

True, Tom. The man is not saddened that his facial hair isn't up to snuff, it's that his lime green tuxedo is still at the dry cleaners and had to wear his monochrome one instead.

Toy Illustration said...

I, for one am gladdened that I do not suffer from neurasthenia. Apparently Dr. Beard would have put the electrodes to me and told me to stop having "frequent emissions." As a sidenote - Frank Beard is the only member of ZZ Top to not wear a beard. He does, however, sport a fine mustache. Coincidence?

Anonymous said...

Sadly, I fear our mustachioed friend is hiding one of his own "frequent emissions" that Toy Illustration suffers from. The gentlest touch from his female companion brought him, quite literally, to ecstasy at a very inconvenient moment.

J.M. Renfield said...

I would like to submit a moustache of the 19th century, if I may.
It's my great great (etc) grandfather. I hope whiskers like that run in my family.

Tom said...

A fine handlebar your ancestor sports there, J.M. I do wish you have been also so hirsutely blessed.

CaptainCraft said...

I use to have sideburns like Dr. Beard. I love how your blog celebrates the mustaches.

JAN BRADEL said...

Neat - who'd think to catalog these mustaches of yestercentury...

Chezzy Dezzy said...

I just recently found your blog and I was wondering if you have a mustache yourself? :D

Cams said...

As what I have understood about neurasthenia it it a psychological disorder characterized by chronic fatigue and weakness, loss of memory, and generalized aches and pains. Maybe that is the reason why he is frowning.

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