Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Another Overshadowing Tie

But when his facespanner finally, fully comes in, he'll show that shiny tie whatfor.


sir jorge said...

That tie sure is overshadowing. Tssk Tssk.

Toy Illustration said...


Again I have been frightened nearly senseless by a man claiming to know you. This unsavory looking fellow accosted me in an alleyway in which I was attempting to conduct a business transaction with a fine young lady.

The ratty fellow brandished a filthy cotton swab in one hand and a fire-place shovel in the other. After asking me for any loose change I had (I had twenty dollars in quarters, but gave him none, as such was reserved for another more pressing matter)he proceded to yell some inarticulate mumbo jumbo while chewing on the swab.

Obviously, I was disturbed by this behaviour and asked him to leave me be. At this point, he mentioned you and accused me of being in "cahoots" with you in some scheme to get ladies to wear false beards when out in public. Of course I told him any such notion was preposterous. Obviously he was upset be this because he whacked me on the bean with his shovel and ran screaming into the night.

The last words I heard from him were: "Joe, Joe, I flap and flow, my corn will grow for wiskey! You can not catch me for my must is stashed! You'll lose yourself in Gorilla mist! Charlie Brown gets no card from me! Weee!"

Please, dear Sir, if there is anything that can be done to stop these altercations I would appreciate it.

- Yours, Toy

Promo said...

If Theres Any Justice In Heaven Then God Wont Let Me In

(lord) franko said...

i think the matter with mr. toy warrants more looking in to.

B said...

Until today, I could not even envisage a man whose hair, moustache and tie were fashioned from the same material.

Until today.

Ivan said...

Not to draw attention away from the matter with the young lady I think this man's ruse has worked. Inspect, if you will, the rather dubious exposure of the philtrum. Preposterious as it may seem the depletion looks deliberate! He has however redirected all attention with the clothing item.

Anonymous said...