Monday, November 26, 2007

Nothing To Give Thanks For

I hope my loyal readers had a much finer Thanksgiving feast than I and my new interns experienced. I was summoned late last Tuesday to an emergency Convocation of M(o)ustache Bloggers. The confidentiality codicils of the Convocation stripped me of all ability to communicate with the outside world for its duration. Of course, I am prevented from discussing the location or attending members, but I can suggest in vague terms that the matter of the meeting was the production of evidence regarding malfeasance on the part of one of our most prominent representatives. It was a scandalous affair and it upset the new interns greatly to hear that someone in our tightly-knit circle of facial hair enthusiasts could be capable if such fraud.

And their turkey was dry.


Jonathan S. said...

For shame, that some ne'er-do-well has infected your fine collective. Cast him out, friend, and send along with him disposable razors. Happy Holidays, indeed!

B said...

More superlabial fraudulence?! No sooner do I expose the scoundrel in the previous daguerrotype as a "theatrical tufty" than I hear the world of the moustache is rife with scandal. A most unseemly close to the month of Movember, gentlemen.

Where will it end? I ask you.