Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Help Support Mustache Blogs!

I, of course, hope that you would vote for this site. But if you cannot in good conscience, at least don't vote for those low-mannered quarter-wits at The Twirler. They've made a mockery of mustache aficionados everywhere with their yellowest of journalisms.


Jonathan S. said...

I will certainly vote for your site, my fine fiddled friends. Though, to be fair, the Moustachist, though Communistic propoganda, is riveting.

Alex Grigg said...

The voting image does not seem to link to a voting site at this point. Is there an original link somewhere out there in the ether?

hugo solo de zaldivar zambelli said...

I support with a new mustache from de 21 century.


Andrew said...

Well you've got my vote. Definitely the finest moustache blog that I regularly read.

Halfang said...

I am unable to vote since I don't have the proper link.

Can anyone help? Thank you very much.

(lord) franko said...

zounds, it appears this is all a very droll joke! i dug through the official 2007 weblog awards page (http://2007.weblogawards.org/), and there's nary a hirsute lipped site to be found! the nerve of them, ignoring a site of such obvious social relevance!!

officesaurus said...

Anyone else love that people do not question a online pole for blogs about mustaches!? I must admit that I did want to vote.

Anonymous said...



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