Monday, November 5, 2007

Happy Guy Fawke's Night!

Sadly, you must refer to our sister site Van Dykes of the Seventeenth Century to get the full experience of this holiday.

Also, one last question from late last night:

Burton Newall said...
I do not understand, sir. You write that the best mustache grooming products are illegal. What could surpass the tradition half-and-half mixure of beeswax and petroleum jelly, I ask you?
November 4, 2007 10:50 PM

The galvanic properties of penguin-based unguents could static-charge an overhand twist for an entire night of promenades or even the most brutally long of debutante balls. Additionally, the ear wax of the rare red panda was far superior to beeswax in many ways, allowing for more complex twisting and braiding. It would also last for days on a single application. Narwhal tooth combs are another product denied the mustachioed gentleman.


Beyond Opinion said...

This blog is great! I'm currently growing a mustache of my own! I shall return, and wish me luck!

Anonymous said...

Muy Bueno su Blog.

I am from Argentina.

lookingup said...

How entertaining and enlightening! If I ever teach a unit on facial hair, you can believe I will visit again for the most comprehensive guide I have ever seen!

Halfang said...

After swimming my moustache in nice ale, I have to say a couple of things. Maybe three.
1: Do not leave a comment whilst drunk.
2: Please, comment about how to grow a moustache. Tips, clues, help in general would be really appreciated. Not for me, as I have one of my own, but for to spread the tradition.
3: I would reccomend moustache wax from Trumper's or Taylor of the Old Bond Street. Both of them are from superior quality, and reccomended from a mate here.

Michael said...

I presume all the readers are taking part in Movember? I've never had a mo before, and currently growing it for charity!

Think I'll go for the trucker or gringo!

(lord) franko said...

i say, halfang, thank you for that post. i have looked up trumper's and also taylor and i cannot find any waxes on their internet shoppe sites. do you have any idea where someone in the colonies could purchase either of their waxes? i am in dire need of follicle taming.

WildbillthePirate said...

What is to be said of the custom of Amish men actually shaving the upper lip clean and tending a full beard. They claim it is in the bible although I've never seen that particular passage (and I've looked)

Anonymous said...