Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Mustache Of Love

Happy Valentine's Day, from all the staff here at Mustaches of the Nineteenth Century. May you find in your loved ones the joy that normally only a mustache can bring.


(lord) franko said...

ahh, a photo of a young john cleese in love. sigh!

Jonathan S. said...

You'll all very sweet, as are the people in this photo. The succumbed, however, to the photographic chemicals that clouded around them during the photo shoot. They were found spooning, her hand wistfully touching his fine mustache. Shakespeare couldn't have written it better.

Jake_L_974 said...

You can tell the woman is quite perplexed with his mustache, I do believe they had to distract her with an oddly shaped turnip (gets me every time), in order to get her to look in the direction of the camera.