Thursday, April 10, 2008

Exceptionally Erudite

While he is a very intelligent looking man, I am not sure that during portraiture is the best time to indulge relief from omphalic itching.


(lord) franko said...

i was just popping in to ask whither you had gone to -- the updates are scanty of late. but here i find a timely posting, huzzah! i have visited the site of the bearded brethren mentioned in the previous post's comments, and i feel that it will be a good counterpoint to this site.

Jonathan S. said...

It may be some omphalic itching. It also may be him carrying an ordnance pistol he received after his time in the French Navy, for anyone who says anything untoward about his receding hairline.

J said...

Sorry for the lack of posting. Work here at the institute is not all lollygagging and skylarking, you know. Experimentation and field work are very important in springtime, when many new mustaches first appear after germinating during the long winter months.

Your Faithful Servant,

(lord) franko said...

understood -- no insult was intended, dear sir. i know that your research requires the utmost in dedication and time. please update whenever you are able, and none the sooner.